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Rent Kitesurf equipment at Stagnone of MArsala

Renting a kitesurf can offer several benefits, including:

  • Save money: renting a kitesurf can be cheaper than buying new equipment, especially if you only use it occasionally or during vacations.
  • Choosing equipment: renting a kitesurfer allows you to choose the equipment best suited to your needs and skill level, without having to invest in expensive, customized equipment.

At our kitesurfing center you always have state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to experiment with the latest technologies and improve your performance.

And don't forget about stress reduction: renting a kitesurf means you don't have to worry about taking your equipment with you on the trip and handling transportation and storage once you arrive at your destination.


In general, renting a kitesurf can be a good option for anyone who wants to take up the sport occasionally or for vacation, without having to invest in expensive equipment and without having to worry about handling and transporting the equipment.

Leave your luggage at home

Travel comfortably and just enjoy carefree fun

Change Size

If the wind changes, you can change kite sizes without any problems.

Test and TEsta Naish

OUR kitesurfing school uses 2023 Naish Kiteboarding materials that we renew every year.

Find your always-ready kite

with kite rental you will have the opportunity to have your kite ready to use

Choose the configuration you prefer!

I am Bret Kester

My passion at your disposal

Ariel was born in Cabarete on January 6, 1992.
began kitesurfing at the early age of 5, having the good fortune to be born in one of the best kitesurfing locations in the world… Cabarete. This small town in the Dominican Republic laid the groundwork for young Ariel to soon become a local kiteboarding legend.

Years spent on his local beach proved instructive for Ariel as he watched countless kitesurfers hone their tricks day after day. When the opportunity arose for him to try his hand at kiteboarding, he climbed to the top almost immediately and has not slowed down since.

In competition after competition, Ariel proved in 2007 that she is a force to be reckoned with when she won 1st place in the Cabarete World Cup. He then proved it a second time in 2010 when he took first place in the same event and, more recently, second at the 2014 DR Nationals on his home turf.

Ariel’s “from the stables to the stars” story is what continues to motivate him both in and out of the water. Starting from nothing, Ariel worked his way up to become the professional athlete you see today, traveling all over the world for kiteboarding competitions

Know About US

Kitesurf rental at Stagnone

You will be able to rent equipment if you have the iko level 3 card, or if you know how to boil and complete a self rescue

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