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Kitesurf School and Courses in Stagnone of Marsala, Sicily

ACK: Ariel Corniel Kiteboarding

Our kitesurfing school is located in the heart of the Stagnone of Marsala is one of the best places in the world to practice kitesurfing. The stagnone is a shallow lagoon located on the west coast of Sicily that offers ideal conditions for the sport. It is possible to reach us with a flight on the airport of Trapani (tps) served by Ryanair and other low-cost airlines, from which we are less than 5 minutes' drive away or from the airport of Palermo (Pmo) from which we are about an hour's drive away.
The ACK Kitesurfing School at Stagnone di Marsala is a reference point for Kitesurfing Courses: The Sea Baptism dedicated to those who want to have a one-day experience, The basic kitesurfing course lasting 6 hours for those who want to learn Kitesurfing from scratch, and the Intermediate and Advanced Kitesurfing Courses for those who want to deepen and progress their technique in kitesurfing.

Wind conditions at Stagnone are particularly favorable, with steady, regular winds blowing from the northwest throughout most of the year. This means that it is possible to kitesurf at any time of the year, even during the winter months.

The lagoon is large enough to provide enough space for all levels of kitesurfers, from beginners to professionals. In addition, the water is flat and shallow, making the Stagnone an ideal place to learn and perfect basic kitesurfing techniques.
There are no age limits to learn kitesurfing, and no physical condition is needed (no strength is needed), plus learning kitesurfing at our school is easier than elsewhere because with the shallow waters you will always touch the bottom and it will be very easy if you fall into the water to get back up and get back on the kiteboard.

Kitesurf school at the Stagnone of Marsala

Why choose the Kitesurf school at Ariel's Stagnone?

Stagnone Kitesurfing by Ariel Corniel Kiteboarding is Ariel Corniel's Kitesurf School at Stagnone in Marsala! You will have a unique experience in our school and learn Kitesurfing with Ariel Corniel one of the benchmarks of kitesurfing at the world level! His Palmares includes 1 PKRA world championship and a second place also in PKRA in 2009 and 2011. Ariel Corniel was also "REDBULL KING OF THE AIR" in 2013.

"I have lived in the Stagnone of Marsala for more than 10 years when I first landed on a PKRA world championship stage, it was love at first sight, the beauty of nature and the warmth of the people reminded me so much of my native island. The Stagnone is a magical place: wind and flat water, learning kitesurfing is very easy!


years of

PKRA World Canpion 2009
2010 PKRA World Vice Champion

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The kitesurf school AND KITESURF COURSES at the stagnone of marsala

basic kitesurfing courses

The kitesurfing course at Stagnone di Marsala is 6 hours long and you will be able to make the first edges independently.


Intermediate kitesurfing courses at Stagnone in Marsala can be tailored to your needs, from waterstart to upwind.


Fitness Center provide all training with instrument.

What is stagnone kitesurfing


Stagnone Kitesurfing i.e. the paradise for practicing and learning Kitesurfing. The school’s kitesurfing courses are for everyone: basic course for beginners starting from scratch, intermediate courses for kiters who want to hone their technique, and advanced freestyle courses for kiters who need to take their technique to another level. Plus the possibility of a paired Kitesurfing course with your partner or friend/family member. Our school’s kitesurfing courses take place within an atmosphere of friendship and very family-like atmosphere, on par with the posadas of Central America where Ariel hails from.

The members of our school

Our reviews

Ariel Corniel


I was in Marsala at the end of May Ariel was very kind and helpful. In addition to being a champion, he is professional, punctual, and personable. The spot is well located and has very easy access to the water . Super recommended, excellent kitesurfing school. We will definitely come back.

Edith Capitani


Marsala is a beautiful place to kite, I had a very good time at this school, it's a school on the seafront of the salt pans, a nice discovery to have a lesson with a world champion, I will definitely come back next summer to have more lessons. I recommend it to everyone!

Flavia Canino


Excellent kitesurfing school. Ariel besides being a great champion is an excellent instructor, friendly and always available to teach you new maneuvers. If you are near the Marsala stagnone, I highly recommend this school.

Alessia REgina


I just returned after a week of kiting with the guys from Naish pro center, I can only recommend this school to everyone, Ariel in addition to being a champion is of a rare courtesy, patience and kindness, and also the 2 instructors who work with him , Marc and Valentin are not to be outdone, the environment of the school makes you feel immediately at ease, sonontutti friends, the environment is relaxed, you laugh . You wish it would never end. Thanks again to everyone , we will definitely see you next year

Matthew Nobles


let’s get to know each other better

A bit of statistics on Stagnone Kitesurfing updated to 2023

The ACK Kitesurfing School at Stagnone in Marsala has on its side a human relationship that goes beyond numbers. But if you would like to elaborate:

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Getting there
to Kitesurfing
Stagnone ACK

The ACK Kitesurfing School is located on the northern side of the Stagnone Lagoon.
Easily accessible by car from Palermo and all of Sicily.
The school is also a 5-minute drive from Trapani airport and about a 50-minute drive from Palermo airport.
We recommend everyone rent a car if in addition to the kitesurfing course you also want to tour the province of Trapani and its wonders.

Itinerary from Trapani airport

Google Maps route from Trapani Airport to our school

Itinerary from Palermo airport

Google Maps route from Trapani Airport to our school

Itinerary from Palermo Center

Google Maps route from Trapani Airport to our school

What you need to start the kitesurfing course

The first step is to contact us to book the kitesurfing course, especially during crowded periods such as August or during bridges or public holidays. Book your flight with Ryanair or other airlines to Trapani or Palermo airport, buckle up, you're ready to fly with us over the waters of the Stagnone Lagoon.
Don't forget to ask us about the B&bs and apartments closest to our kitesurfing school. We will be able to recommend the best ones for quality and price when booking!